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Poetry lovers, this is your holy grail. Young poets of the internet, this is your happy place! In each “poetry picks” post, I will be sharing the work of online poets who deserve recognition and help readers find new talents to follow !






1 – Introduce yourself in a few lines

My name is Ambriehl, i’m twenty and i live in Melbourne, Australia.  Right now everything is a bit scattered, i work part time at a kids clothing store and try to write as much as i can on the side. I’m a published author of young adult novels but being an author and trying to get your book out there is hard, so right now my main focus is trying to make my writing a permanent thing.

2 : When and why did you start writing ?

I’ve been writing for as long as i can remember honestly, i think i started to properly write when i was around 12/13 and was so passionate about it, i’d tell everyone that i was going to be a writer when i grew up. I don’t really have a reason for why i started writing though, i think it just came naturally to me since i have such a wild imagination. I started writing poetry around three years ago, so that’s still such a new thing and i used to hate it, i’d literally despise learning about it in class because i didn’t understand it much, but when i started my creative writing course one of the things i needed to do was write a poem. I guess it just expanded from there and now i couldn’t imagine life without it.

3 : What are the topics of your poems?

Generally love and heartbreak. There are a few really personal poems in there about my family and my mental health and i do plan on expanding that eventually, but as of right now it’s just love. I think that’s quite easy for people to relate to, as well.

4 : Which one of your pieces do you love the most and why ?

I love selfish and safety switch. i love safety switch because it’s one of the first poems that people actually started to notice from me and it means so much to me, mainly for that reason. I even got it tattooed because i loved it so much. but i also adore selfish because it’s so real to me, it truly is about being selfish and wanting everything because you love someone so much, and i do feel the exact things i wrote in that poem very deeply.

5 : Who’s your favorite poet ?

Richard Siken hands down is my god. He’s so incredible, so raw and real that whenever I read his writing it literally leaves me breathless.

6 : What and who inspires you ?

Writing inspires me, the more i read the more i want to write. whenever i read some incredible writing, their talent rubs off on me and i just have to write something too. it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, some of my best poems stem from it.







Ambriehl is published in young adult but they are doing a relaunch so I’ll update the page with a purchase link when it’s available so that you can go give her work some love



Hope you enjoyed this post and Ambriehl’s poetry ! If there are some online poets that you’d like to see a post about, let me know in the comments below.



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