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REVIEW : Queens Of Geek – Jen Wilde.

“You’ve never been in anyone’s shadow. You are your own light source.”


Queens Of Geek is a book about 3 friends who are major fangirls/fanboys and go to a convention where they will spend an amazing weekend but will also discover themselves. Whole Goodreads synopsis HERE.

First of all, you should know that this was one of the most adorable books I had ever read.

A book about fangirls obviously spoke to me since I am a major fandom freak and I loved how this book had a great insight on what it feels like to be part of a fandom and why it can mean so much to some people. Also THE REFERENCES !!! Whenever one of my favorite things was mentioned I was going crazy on the inside.

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The main thing that I particularly loved about this book was the diversity. One of the main characters is a chubby girl with autism (Asperger’s syndrome) who also has anxiety and the other one is an Asian-Australian bisexual girl. Plus, the author is herself a bisexual woman with autism so it’s an #ownvoices story which makes the diverseness of this book even better.

An interesting part of the book was the fact that it features some characters who are famous and deals with the struggles they face although I believe sometimes it was a bit overdone or the fame was exaggerated.

I loved Taylor & Charlie’s friendship so much. I’m always in for a strong female friendship and girls that lift each other up and never compete or become some sort of rivals, which is (sadly) rare in YA & NA contemporaries. I loved how different these girls were : one of them was an extrovert, the other one was an introvert but they still complemented each other.

Other than mental health, this book covered a lot of important topics such as feminism, slut-shaming, body shaming, racism, casual sexism in the film industry and it empowered chubby girls (without ever shaming thin people). The book indeed had quite a few lines about these very important topics, some were very subtle, some were more in depth but all of this was executed without ever becoming overwhelming or too heavy of a subject.

Relationship wise, I absolutely loved Taylor’s romance and how it starts as a cute male/female friendship because insta-love is honestly one of my pet-peeves. I love myself a slow burning romance…which is why I was less of a fan of Charlie’s romance. Things between her and her love interest were really rushed in my opinion, which isn’t really reprehensible considering the fact that this whole story happens over the span of about three days. I just wish things went a bit slower. Even though this bothered me, in the end I was swooning over them, the fact that they were and adorable f/f couple and I absolutely loved their connection even though they didn’t have the same chemistry as Taylor & her love interest. In both romances, the lovers were very playful and supportive of each-other which was very heartwarming.

queens of geek.jpg
A “Queens Of Geek” aesthetic I’ve made. Find my other bookish aesthetics on twitter & tumblr : @curlingbooks

In short, I’d say that this was a very different and refreshing read and – even though it had its flaws such as being too cheesy at times or having an unexceptional writing style – it was a very enjoyable read which got me swooning and laughing when I wasn’t relating to a certain character or situation. I would TOTALLY recommend it !



Hope you enjoyed this post ! Now tell me about you : Did your read Queens of Geek and what are your thoughts on it ? If not, is it on your TBR ? What are some of your favorite diverse or #ownvoices books ? Let me know in the comments below !


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